The history of Gambling

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When we think of billion dollar industries, videos games, marijuana, and vinyl may all come to mind. Another realism is the money spent on online gambling and in casinos which bring size-able capital both to the US and oversees. The casino business has been very profitable for many years. Engaging in gambling is fun and exciting for many people from different tribes, religions, and backgrounds. In the gambling arena human nature sometimes is to feel anticipation, an adrenaline rush, and for some even escapism, these are all things some gamblers experience. As the chances of winning and taking risks grow in our society so do the influence of gambling. We all often see these scenes in our favorite movies and films where we watch that man or women with those astonishing chatoyant eyes, in eager anticipation of hitting the jackpot. As the alluriness of their behavior transforms you cant help but wonder where the future of gambling, pokies, and slot machines are headed.

It has been a 100 years since pokies which is a short term for poker machines have been created, and people regardless of it’s probability always find ways to financially and consistently participate in the movement. So how did this movement start or who was the creator of such a widely recognized and worshipped hobby. It all started with the infamous Charles Fey. Yes, Charles Fey had many different names but the one he was known for was the father of not only slot machines but also the father of pokies. The one armed bandits also known as slot machines can be very tricky to play if you are not aware of the basics rules. You must first study and pick the right one which takes time, practice, and skill. There are many ways to read a slot machine. Many people that go to casinos think all slot machines are the same but that’s not true. There are five different groups of slots machines that will be discussed in this article. The multiplier, bonus multiplier, multiple payline, buy-a-pay, and progressive slots. They are all different slot machines played by many. As a new gambler it is important that you understand each slot machine and what it does. Each slot machine plays a different role,from how they pay out to, to how they should be played. For example, the multiple payline slots machines have numerous lines of play. When in a casino you decide to play the maximum amount of coins the buy a pay slot machine should be played. These are just some examples however, each slot machine should be read in depth so a clear understanding of having a fair chance of winning is in the mist.

Regarding pokies, they were first introduced in the casinos and became popular online and the rest is history. People were excited and ready for this new way of gambling. As people often wonder how people win jackpots or even why many hardly even hit, it is merely how the slot machines and pokies are operated. Some gamblers are not interested in how slot machines operated. Some history on authentic pokies are the exceptional technology that is placed inside of them. Each pokie is different ranging from different sizes, color, height, and widths. However, inside the pokies they all use a specific function called a (random number generator) which is also known as a (RNG). The purpose of a RNG is basically making sure these machines are giving the gambler a fair chance and random shoot of potentially winning. This helps people from having suspicions thinking or even thinking the machines are rigged in any way.

Vegas and the 90’s totally was the beginning of the era that started online Pokies. People were now able to comfortably be in there home and get the feel of a casino vibe and atmosphere. Just think about that man or women who has had a bad day at work and just wants to relax. The online pokie for some has become the new therapy. Some people became so fascinated that they began to play religiously. In the beginning fake money was used to get the individual feel for the game then real money was introduced.

It is also important to understand the different types of gambling that make up this billion dollar industry. Here are the seven ways that gamblers are contributing. The casino table games, sports betting, lotteries, poker machines, racing betting, scratch off tickets, and keno. All of these avenues that are used by many serve a specific purpose. Each gambler has their favorite way of gambling as some need a quick answer to see if they won, or for some they can wait a couple days to see their results.

Many people are globally interested in online gambling. As the fascination thrives it has become a wide recognized phenomena. Mainly, casino and slot machines (with real money) is a hit because it is a way to experience the possibility of winning. The future of Pokies will turn the gambling at casinos and in homes to the next level.

As technology begins to take over the way humans communicate so will the gambling era. Online pokies future strictly lie in the 3D zone. In,3D the introduction of features and graphics will take pokies to a whole new level. With technology on the rise, the features and graphics used on the 3D level will be new perception causing the slot games to have a multi layered effect. Online pokies will have a different look. Here are some of the websites that you can go to regarding the future of pokies.,,, If you are in need of anymore websites then you can go to google to find more. Three dimensional technology will take online pokies and the standard visual displays to the next level. As gamblers continue to enjoy the art of going to casinos and playing online pokies the 3D aspect is evident and holds the future.


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