Betfair Casino Review

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Betfair Casino Review The online casino that so many use today was not always the company it is today. It was founded in the year 2000 by Andrew Black and...
Betfair Casino Review

The online casino that so many use today was not always the company it is today. It was founded in the year 2000 by Andrew Black and Edward Wray. Through the years, as technology has advanced, so has Betfair. They started off with mainly phone and radio adds, but have since created the huge, online phenomenon that serves over four million customers and turns over an excess of fifty million pounds a week.
Though this online phenomenon is mainly based in the UK, they have branches of it all over the world.


Betfair casino no deposit bonus

When You Visit
When you visit the Betfair site, you will find an array of ways to bet and gamble your money and if you’ve got the skill, ways to bet and win more money! The website is easily laid out and provides ways to bet on things like Horse Races, or Sports games around the world as well as a great number of games to play to earn fast cash.
Some of the games included are:

  • Blackjack – Turbo and Standard
  • Baccarat – Turbo and Standard
  • Omaha Hi – Standard Only and
  • A wide variety of arcade style games

The only difference between Turbo and Standard is that Turbo games are completed roughly 25% faster than a regular game would be. This allows for faster games and, therefore, more games in the same amount of time.

Bonus and Promotions
On top of being one of the most popular gambling sites, not only in the UK, but most of Europe as well, Betfair offers a number of promotions that cycle through, ever changing, so the one betting can find the deal that best suits them.
They also offer a selection of bonuses when you first sign up so the amount you are wagering is really what you are able to afford at that time. For the most part, however, all you will need to pay is a commission price to keep your account active and running, but as long as you are also winning, this shouldn’t be an issue for you!

In The Mobile
The Betfair mobile app is one of their greatest achievements. They have a number of promotional offers when you sign up on the app including:

  • New users get a free £20 bet, plus up to £1000 in cash back when you join through the app!
  • Cash out when ever and where ever you want!
  • Live video with up-to-the-second stats to keep you as updates as possible!
  • The app is free for Apple and Android devices!

Users have thoroughly enjoyed using the mobile app as it is sleeker and simpler to use as well as the fact that they can bring it anywhere! The mobile app is by far the greatest achievement of Betfair, having thousands of downloads a day.

Besides the card games listed above, Betfair offers a wide variety of arcade style games as well as sports bets. The sports style games are as follows:

  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • MMA
  • Darts

Whereas the arcade style games are many more and of a much larger variety. Some of them include Baccarat or Blackjack, as listed above, but others, albeit simpler ones, are as follows:

  • King Kong Cash
  • Golden Leprechaun
  • Irish Gold (With a jackpot of over £371K and rising every second!)
  • Scratch for: Gold, Rubies, Emeralds and Diamonds

These games are simpler than the card games listed and have jackpots that rise every second that someone is playing anywhere in the world. As long as money is being bet to play the game, the jackpot is rising. This adds an heir of excitement to each, simple game. It’s a cycle that is never broken, because as long as that jackpot is going up, more players will join, which only makes it go higher!

Deposits and Withdrawls
‘Cash Out’ is the option you take when you have either gambled and lost too much and need an out, or when you have gambled and won so much that you wish to collect on your winnings. There is an important offer to consider when cashing out, however, so consider it carefully!

  • You can either choose to take the full amount, or take a portion of the amount and leave part of it in bets you may have. This can be a risky move if you are struggling,
    but a safe one if you are not, so consult someone before you try this!
  • You can cash out on any sports games at any time you like, just search for the golden ‘CASH OUT’ button.

Cashing out is when you say “I’m done” and ask for the money you have won. Follow this link to the Frequently Asked Questions page of Betfair to view what others have asked so it may answer your own questions! Or, you can simply keep reading.
Below are some of the most commonly asked questions that have straight answers:
Why is there a delay when I click Cash Out?
Delays are there to ensure that there is enough time to pause your betting when a major event occurs in a sports-style bet, such as a goal being scored. This simply means that they pause your betting so it doesn’t grow or shrink based on the next move in the game.
When do I get my money?
If the cash out is successful, which is is the majority of the time, the money is credited to your account immediately.
How Can I Cash Out Part of My Bet?
This is very simple! All you must do is click the ‘Cash Out part of my bet’ button and a slider will be opened where you will be able to click the circle and drag it to the amount you wish to cash out, while the rest stays in the running.

Getting Help
Everyone reaches a point where they must realise ‘enough is enough’ and back out. If some find this process difficult, help is offered directly from the Betfair site. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Responsible Gambling.’
To get a glimpse of what this will do for you, simply follow this link to their linked Gambling Therapy site where you will be given practical advice and emotional support on your journey to becoming ‘clean’ of gambling.
If that link does not convince you, try their GamCare linked site, which is the UK’s National Organization for Gambling Problem Help.

On top of this, Betfair offers a guide of their own for overall safer gambling. Their top priority is the safety and happiness of their consumers.
Visit Betfair today to get started playing games and learning the ropes of sports betting not only in the UK but around the world!

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