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How to Win with Mega Fortune Dreams Slot
The online gaming scene has undergone a significant evolution. The slots have improvements and unique game attractions that make them far better than the classic slots. Online slots are advantageous in that they are accessible anytime, anywhere. All you need is a web-enabled device, and you can compete with players from around the world. Enjoy less distraction from other players and spectators and focus more on the game.

One of the most popular online slot games is Mega Fortune Dreams Slot, available on all touch based mobile devices. It is a new release based on the popular progressive slot game Mega Fortune from Net Entertainment. The game has been revamped with a modern look, deeper feel and a luxury environment setting that already makes you feel like a winner. It consists of the new standard configuration of twenty pay lines in five reels presented in three rows.


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The first step to winning is getting your bet ready for play. It is easy to calculate the total value of the bet lines for each single spin and set up your first play. You can choose from seven different coin values. These can be stack up in up to four different levels with twenty bet lines each. Multiple the bet elements to get the total value of a single spin.

That is to say that the amount of money you wish to spend on this bet, times chosen bet level, times bet lines on that level, times selected coin value, equals the total value of one spin. Setting up the values ensures that the displayed prize amounts are correct and lets you know exactly how much you could win on the progressive rapid, major and mega jackpots with each spin.

Mega Fortune Dreams Slot is more interactive and packed with new features. It is extended with lucrative play to help you get to that win you deserve. There are bonus games, freebie spins, re-spins, the wild symbol for substituting and scatters. You can win a full progressive slot freebie game. The wild feature, represented by the palm tree symbol, will substitute for any other lined up symbols to create a winning line.

Effect a spin by just clicking on the spin button, at the bottom centre of the screen marked with two rotating arrows. A win with wild symbols activates the multiplier, and it can go up to ten times higher. Lining up three palm tree icons wins you a re-spin and retains the wilds. A win in the added spin game will also trigger a bonus or other free spins.

Another easy way to win additional spins on your game is to pay attention to scatters. These are presented as the diamond icons marked “scatter.” Aligning three or more spinning diamonds activates between 10 and 20 free spins which are extended by a three times multiplier. Every additional scatter wins you more free spins or increases your multiplier.

To get the coveted bonus game, just line up three or more wheel icons on the betting line. It’s that easy to win one progressive slot on the rapid, major or mega jackpots! Treating each spin with caution is important. A good spin will land you the prize money or allow you to progress to the upper real. The total jackpot amount and prize money is higher the higher you go with the mega jackpot at the centre.

Mega Fortune Dreams Slot is leveraging discounts, extended play features and slot enhancements to provide you a more engaging interaction and better your chances of winning. It is available from Net Entertainment and is carried by dozens of online casinos.

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