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Review of Mobilbet offers a variety of Casino games that can easily be accessed from your mobile, web browser or tablet. Players can enjoy hours of entertainment and have...

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Mobilbet offers a variety of Casino games that can easily be accessed from your mobile, web browser or tablet. Players can enjoy hours of entertainment and have the chance to win some substantial money prizes.

Mobilbet is known for having some of the highest jackpots in comparison with other online gaming sites. Also, players have a selection of video slots, Blackjack, Roulette and some popular card games.

All players have the opportunity to collect free casino points. All free casino points earned can be cashed in and redeemed for “cash” or free spins. Mobilbet is one of the most popular gaming sites within the European market.

Mobilbet has a variety of new casino games. New games include Beauty and the Beast, Power Plant, Cool Buck, Forbidden Thorne and much more.

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Extraordinary Graphics & Entertainment:

Beauty and the Beast is a mobile slot machine game which takes you on an enchanted adventure. The Beast Mobile slot will ultimately help the player break the terrible curse and live happily ever after.

The whole concept of the slot game “Beauty and the Beast” is based on the French classic fairy-tale. You will be taken to the Golden Castle with many obstacles to overcome. During your journey through the castle, you have the opportunity to earn cash as well as free spins.

Power Plant is a video slot game with five reels and 82 pay lines. This game is a bit unusual because it pays out across a casino grid. Also, Power Plant has some exceptional computer graphics which seem to add to the excitement of playing this new casino game.

Players must unlock four important features of “Power Plant” which can sometimes prove quite difficult. Remember you must get used to using a national grid if you elect to play this video slot game. Unlocking all four features of this game could land the player some big cash.

Cool Buck is another slot game that has a very cool design. You may be impressed with the huge dollar sign smiling about showing some very big white teeth. Also, the dollar sign also has some very funky looking shoes which will certainly give players a few laughs.

Players will see cherries, a double bar and triple bar on the screen. At the lower right of the video screen, you will see a tiny display which will show your current earnings. Each pay line is clearly identified with a unique colour. Cool Buck has superior sound effects and when someone wins some very loud sirens alert the winner each and every time.

Forbidden Thorne is video slot game with five reels and 40 pay lines. The main theme of this slot game focuses upon unicorns and exotic type birds that may have once ruled the earth. This game will take you to a mystic place which is based on pure fantasy.

Players can substitute any wild symbol for another. If you get 2 or more wild symbols on the same pay line, then you win the jackpot. The main characters identified with this game are the unicorn, the knight and the Phoenix. The scatter symbol may pop up frequently during the game. Forbidden Thorne provides some exceptional graphics and a great deal of fun.

In addition to video slot games, Mobilbet offers a variety of “live casino” games. Live Roulette and Blackjack are popular live casino games. Live Roulette gives players the opportunity to win cash, free spins as well as bonus prizes.

Live Roulette allows players to place their chips on the Roulette table and at the same time the player is watching the play on a TV screen or a monitor. It is important to remember to keep your eyes on the Roulette ball at all times. Live Roulette is one of the most popular on line casino games.

Live Blackjack gives players to play against a real dealer. During the game the player can actual hear other players talking in the background which makes the game more real and entertaining. The main object of Live Blackjack is to try and beat the dealer. Therefore, the player must have a higher score than the dealer.

Keep in mind when playing Live Blackjack that cards 2 through 10 represent their actual value that does not change throughout the course of the game. Also, the Jack and King are worth 10 points each. If the player exceeds 21 points, then the bet is lost.

Mobilbet currently offers nine video poker games for players to enjoy. Jacks or Better is one of the most popular video poker games that Mobilbet offers. It is important to keep in mind that there are a few common strategies used when playing video poker. For example, an initial hand can consist of four of a kind, straight flush, royal flush. Also, 4 to a royal flush, 3 of a kind straight flush and full house. Finally, 4 to a straight flush. This makes much more sense when you are playing the game.

Deuces Wild is another popular video poker came. If you play your cards correctly with this game, you could go right for the big jackpot. Deuces Wild gives the player the option of playing against the dealer to double your winnings. Deuces Wild is a game with some risk but keeps in mind you can also win big if you know how to play the game.

Mobilbet also lists the casino games that paid out some very substantial winnings to casino players. “Super Lucky Frog” and “Spins Turn to Gold” paid out some huge winnings to some lucky casino players.

If you enjoy casino games, you may wish to try your luck by visiting You may be surprised what rewards a little bit of luck will bring to you.

Mobilbet has something for everyone who enjoys online casino gaming. They have a customer service department that is very efficient and they resolve any casino issue as quickly as possible.

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